August 21 2016 The Meaning of Life

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We often live an illusion of what is important in life . . . until it is lost.

By Denise C Williams 08/23/2016 12:11 PM

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  1. Jane wrote on 09/25/2016 02:57 PM

    Fr Pennington ... I first heard you years ago in Capitola and now hear you by your podcasts. As I age it is sometimes a real struggle to get to church and instead will listen to Father Matt Pennington. You bring solace, hope, wisdom .. new thought to the teachings. So many times in church my mind wanders as the priest delivers his homily - but when I listen to you I hear every word. You have such a gift... and I so appreciate it. I've taped your homilies to a Thumb drive so I can occasionally listen to you while driving. !! I've even thought of going to San Luis Obispo JUST to hear you in person. :0) (I live in the Seattle area) Thank you .. God Bless You .. and I thank God for your gift and inspiration.

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