January 26 2020 - Faith, Hope & Love Endure

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We become something greater when we are part of a community.

By Denise C Williams 01/28/2020 12:26 PM

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  1. Therese Corsaro wrote on 02/02/2020 11:44 AM

    I loved this homily, Fr. Matt. We live in the High Desert in the Antelope Valley. We began attending Mass at Nativity when our youngest son, Jacob, attended Cal Poly SLO and we would visit. We still listen to your podcasts because, honestly, as you said in this podcast....the minister needs to be speaking to the necessity of loving God and loving our neighbor. What you said in your message is not only profound, it is very brave. There are far too many Catholic priests who seem to act as if they can provide a mediocre message because, after all, the Sacraments are the important thing. And while I believe the Sacraments are important, the priest still needs to do what you do...prepare, reach out, touch the human hearts sitting before you at Mass and remind them of the importance of loving God and our neighbor. Thank you for being such a wonderful priest. I know God must be saying, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." So glad you said "Yes" to God's call.

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