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January 27, 2012 In the one body of Christ...

you are needed, desired and indispensable!

Posted 01/27/2013 10:33 PM

January 6 2013 Epiphany of Our Lord

Posted 01/06/2013 11:44 PM

Christmas Eve Children's Mass Gospel Reading

Gospel of Luke: The telling of the Nativity Story. Please visit “Christmas Day” podcast for Father Matt’s Christmas Homily

Posted 12/28/2012 11:41 PM

Christmas Day 2012

“For one moment in the history of the world, God was baby.”

Posted 12/28/2012 10:10 PM

Dec 16, 2012 Third Sunday of Advent

Finding Joy

Posted 12/21/2012 05:00 AM

Dec 9 2012 Second Sunday of Advent

Letting Go… “The Poseidon Adventure”

Posted 12/11/2012 12:19 AM

Christ the King

You can create the Kingdom of God here and now!

Posted 11/26/2012 02:09 AM

November 11, 2012 Generosity... from the Heart

The poor widow in Mark’s gospel drops her last two coins in the treasury but contributes more than the rich people in her sacrificial generosity.

Posted 11/12/2012 06:29 PM