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November 17, 2019 - Faith

Faith is what will save you.

Posted 11/20/2019 06:30 PM

November 3 2019 Eternity

Posted 11/06/2019 01:08 PM

October 20, 2019 - What Do You REALLY Want?

Perseverance in prayer.

Posted 10/23/2019 06:12 PM

September 22, 2019 Using Your Gifts and Talents to Serve God

The story of Jill Kinmont, a World-class Olympic champion, who overcame incredible challenges by using her talent. How are we called to use our talents? Parable of the Dishonest Steward.

Posted 09/24/2019 08:14 PM

August 3, 2019 - Obsessions: Perspectives on Possessions

Money and possessions are often objects of obsession in life. But our obsessions won’t save us from the inevitable.

Posted 08/07/2019 01:17 PM

March 30 2019 God Will Always Love You

The Prodigal Son. There is nothing to fear with God.

Posted 04/02/2019 06:22 PM

Christmas 2018 -The Gift

I have come into the world as Light! Being the light.

Posted 12/27/2018 02:53 PM

Dec. 9, 2018 Faith & Hope

Even in what seems to be the darkest of times, optimism and positivity can prevail.

Posted 12/10/2018 01:06 PM