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August 14, 2022 Choosing God

What should you do when there is a conflict between choosing between time with God and time with your family or your job?

Posted 08/17/2022 07:39 PM

Good Friday 2022 - How We Can Change Violence to Peace

The incident at the 2022 Academy Awards; how our simmering anger that lies within influences our actions. Is it good to be angry? How the crowd reacted to the condemnation of Jesus. What history shows us about anger and how it destroys us today.

Posted 04/18/2022 01:11 PM

March 20, 2022 - Third Sunday of Lent - You're the Tree

Tending and nurturing the tree to produce good fruit. You are the tree! Co-existing with each other would bring the world closer to peace.

Posted 03/23/2022 07:07 PM

February 13 2022 - Faith, Understanding, and Trust

Remembering that God is with you in all of life’s challenges.

Posted 02/14/2022 02:25 PM

Jan 23, 2022 - Bridging Divisiveness

Are your political beliefs and ideology causing hostility and are they more important than your family, peace, and spirituality?

Posted 01/25/2022 06:00 PM

Christmas 2021 - Jesus the Visionary

Visionaries, like Bob Iger of Disney, seem to predict human behavior. Jesus was the ultimate visionary.

Posted 12/26/2021 06:29 PM

August 8 2021 - Gossip

We can choose gossip or choose to look at another with hope, charity, forgiveness, and love.

Posted 09/01/2021 06:43 PM

July 18, 2021 - "A Divided House Cannot Stand"

What Jesus has to say about division and how it is unity that will save us.

Posted 07/19/2021 07:15 PM