July 26, 2009

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John 6:1-15 “The Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes” Jesus feeds 5000 with only a few baskets of bread and fish.

By Denise C Williams 07/31/2009 09:38 AM

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  1. Martha wrote on 07/31/2009 04:20 PM

    Denise... Thanks so much for these recordings! I have email friends who are asking for me to forward these homilies on to them. And I am enjoying listening to them again...getting something else out of them the second time around! God Bless! ^..^

  2. Kerry Putt wrote on 08/03/2009 01:41 PM

    Thank you so much Denise for providing us with Fr. Matt's homilies. I am unable to attend his homilies since I attend the local St Joseph's Shrine to receive the Eucharist and Word for my weekly enjoyment. But unfortunately the insitefulness of Fr. Matt I miss. You have given me an amazing gift today and I am truely grateful. Sincerely, Kerry Putt

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