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February 14 2014 - First Sunday of Lent- "Prevention"

The Holy Spirit fill us when we are willing to be concerned about the needs of others…

Posted 02/16/2016 10:48 AM

January 31 2016 Falling in LOVE with GOD

Faith, Hope and Love . . . and the greatest of these is Love. Falling in love with God means falling in love with humanity.

Posted 02/02/2016 04:16 PM

January 25 2016 Jesus in the Temple

We are the same … we all need God

Posted 01/25/2016 12:30 PM

December 27 2015 You need more God in your life

Encountering the presence of God in a church community. Life, death, resurrection.

Posted 12/29/2015 03:19 PM

January 4 2015 Ephiphany of the Lord

Faith and church provides nourishment and grace.

Posted 01/07/2015 12:24 AM