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Sept 4, 2011 Matt 18:15-20

”...whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven;whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

Posted 09/06/2011 07:20 AM

August 21 2011 Upon this rock...

Peter was not perfect and neither are we. Jesus established the church on the cornerstone of faith.

Posted 08/23/2011 11:24 AM

August 13, 2011 Canaanite Woman

Who’s in, who’s out?

Posted 08/16/2011 12:03 PM

July 17, 2011

Weeds in the Wheat

Posted 07/18/2011 04:07 PM

May 8 2011 Road to Emmaus

In the breaking of the bread, Jesus is revealed.

Posted 05/08/2011 05:11 PM

Fr Howard Bleichner on Holy Thursday 2011

Jesus washes the feet of his disciples.

Posted 04/22/2011 10:54 PM

1st Sun of Lent - Temptation

Jesus is Tempted in the Desert

Posted 03/15/2011 02:49 PM

Feb 6 2011 "Feeling Sorry for Yourself?"

Jesus says you are salt of the earth and the light of the world

Posted 02/09/2011 04:19 PM